Afreekah Ra is soil, committed to the structural development
of the Alkebulan cultural thought and action.

Following the roots of the Ancestors, Afreekah Ra continues to create inspirational works of arts that ignite the process of Sankofa. Through the
lens of looking back we find that world history is indeed ourstory but also that our history has been vandalized and reworked far away from reality. We must
return to the source and gather the buried heirlooms left to us by our Ancestors roots with the duty to enhance our futures foundation. The artwork of Afreekah Ra serves as reminder of the ever-growing, life-devoting work that has been done with intension to ensure our ancient Afrikan way thrive forward. This art is made as thank you to the warrior scholars that continue to enhance the vision of a liberated Afrikan future.

Our mission is to guide and welcome back our scattered seeds of wisdom, reconnecting family trees to the ancestral forest.

Our specialty is creating original artistic content that is
designed to inspire one’s creativity in the many ways of remembering, calling back to Alkebulan (Africa).  We use ancient symbols with the intension to connect and inspire African-centered entrepreneurs,
future generations to grow and flourish,

A Free= (Liberated) + Kah= (Soul force) + Ra=