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KHEPERA Print 8.5" x 22"

KHEPERA Print 8.5" x 22"

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Poster paper 8.5" x 22", Archival Inkjet Ink (Canon), & artwork by AFREEKAH RA

Image Description:

This Neolithic Afrikan God of insurrection and rebellion brings in the consistent cycles of new days while building a protective cultural environment so that his seeds may carry on his same revolutionary life’s work. Destined to becoming freedom fighters who will roll up new creations to nourish the same cultural seed. The work of revolution is not always clean, it is hands on, labor intensive, while being community focused. Khepera is a reminder of the historical significance and the responsibilities of what is mean to truly be a revolutionary force.


Inspired by the ancient Afrikan scientist and artist Tehuti, the creator of the sciences is also credited for the intuitive application and invention for paper(papyrus) along with its multi-uses for our future. Expanding the humans mind is one of paper’s overlooked ability to quickly sketch complex concepts, to count mathematical equations and organizing symbols that become written languages naturally leading to the cultural explosion of intellect, creativity, craftsmanship, community, and communication.

Tens of Thousands of years later another multi-genius named George Washington Carver would spiritually connect with the plant life of his surroundings that taught him how to create many unique inventions and artworks which represented the divine world he was communicating with. The potential of paper as technology expanded cultural knowledge wherever it was introduced. The same scientific bond that Tehuti establishes with natural is the same one Carver used when solving, journaling, and then inventing printer ink which is currently scribing the prints of today and tomorrow. 

In this process on Afrikan cultural continuity the circle is still unbroken.


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